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Modern Architecture


Corporate events have become increasingly experiential. Tremendous consideration and creativity have been directed toward interactivity and user engagement. The videographer's role is to capture this interaction. It is to tell the story of the space, the people in it, and the company's culture and mission.


Corporate Showreel

This showreel includes clips from the last 5 years of covering corporate trade shows and events around the country.


Dreamforce 2023

Salesforce's mega-conference in San Francisco. My job was to condense footage from 23 different sites throughout the conference into an under 2 minute sizzle!


Netflix FYSEE 2023

Shot at Netflix Studios in Los Angeles. This highly interactive installation was built to show off Netflix's latest line up to members of the Academy. 


Google I/O

Google throws a huge event for it's employees at it's Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. It was a super colorful 3 day event with all kinds of street performers, activities and surprises.

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