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My name is Noah Manheimer. I am a lifelong musician with an MA in music composition and almost two decades of experience in audio production. I am also a career videographer with credits including Google, Salesforce, Slack, Good RX, Sparks, Giant Spoon and many more.  I own and operate a production studio in Ridgefield, CT about an hour outside of NYC. I do all kinds of video work including corporate marketing, non-profit and of course, music videos. My specialty is combining studio-quality audio production with multi-camera video. Examples include concerts, in-studio performances and college auditions.

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My Story

I have been a musician throughout my entire life, playing classical violin and rock/jazz guitar, and earning an MA in Music Composition. I began taking an interest in audio production as a means to document my own music. Eventually, production took on a life of its own as I began amassing gear, learning techniques and finding mentors who would pass along their knowledge. In 2005 I built my production studio from the ground up and began attracting all kinds of clients including rock bands, classical ensembles, singer/songwriters, and even Tuvan throat singers. During that time I learned valuable lessons not only about the art of music production, but also about work ethics and providing a positive client experience. I put in my 10,000 hours a few times over... and I am still learning.


Throughout this time there were always video cameras around the studio, and I had developed a basic level of proficiency in videography. Somewhere along the line, I began getting more and more requests for video work, and I said "yes" to everything, even if it seemed intimidating and over my head.  My commitment to becoming a professional videographer was solidified by a series of amazing opportunities to travel and shoot video at a higher level than I had imagined possible. I launched into an intense period of learning, working, making mistakes, improving my skills and investing in the best video gear I could get my hands on.  I found that many of the lessons I had learned on the path to mastering audio production applied to the field of video, especially when it came to insisting on the highest standard of quality and treating clients with respect.  I quickly rose to a fully professional level, steadily putting in my 10,000 hours... and I am still learning.

Today I am shooting and editing video for major companies, non-profits, and music ensembles while maintaining my production studio and working on music projects. My unique skill set is engaged most fully in video projects that involve music. Orchestral recordings are the perfect example. First and foremost, the audio recording is pristine. During the performance I follow the music and direct the cameras to the most important instruments and events. In the edit, I choose the camera angles and timing that best expresses the intent of the music. 

Every video is like a musical composition. It has a tempo, mood, energetic flow and story line. To me, every video is a music video!


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