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A great recording comes from the culmination of the right equipment, proper technique, the right space, a stress-free atmosphere, and a producer/engineer who understands music.  We are committed to bringing every project to its full potential and realizing the artist's unique vision. 

BANDS: Space to stretch out, amp isolation, custom monitor mixes, and a sweet selection of gear.  Setup is fast & efficient, and the room is comfortable and vibey, so you can settle in and focus on the music. You have a vision for your band's sound. Our job is to make that vision happen in the recording and the mix.

SINGER/SONGWRITERS: A comfortable & professional place to record with a beautiful grand piano. We can produce your songs and create powerful videos. We also have an extensive network of [awesome] studio musicians who can perform on your tracks.

CLASSICAL & JAZZ ARTISTS: Classic Baldwin grand piano, 2 live rooms to choose from--or we can record your live gig with up to 16 channels of audio and multi-camera video. Producer/engineer Noah Manheimer holds an MA in Music Composition and plays jazz guitar; he is able to follow a score or leadsheet, and has an ear for details like intonation, phrasing and dynamics that a non-musician might not be aware of.

VOICEOVER ARTISTS: Nice selection of vocal mics, acoustic isolation, fast & efficient workflow.


LOCATION RECORDING: 16 channel mobile rig with top quality preamps and converters. Multi-camera video with scaleable crew.

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