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Classes & workshops in songwriting, audio & video production, music theory and voice are offered periodically through Enchanted Garden Studios. For private instruction, please contact Noah Manheimer.


(Grades 5-8)

This unique program, now in it's 6th year, combines singing, acting on camera, studio recording and video production. Students spend time singing their choice of pop, rock and musical theater songs, and receiving coaching from master teacher Kim Macko.  

We also record a group song in the studio, and then work as a creative team to script and shoot a music video. Not only will students hone their vocal chops, they will gain experience in creative teamwork, acting, screen-writing, microphone technique, studio recording and video production. All of this while having an absolute blast!

For more information: or call 203-894-1987


at Enchanted Garden Studio Two

Led by Kim Macko & Noah Manheimer

5 Weeks: October 4th - November 8th (dates subject to change)

Fridays: 3:30 pm — 5:30 pm


This video was created in the previous session of VOICE STUDIO. The participants recorded the song in the studio, and we worked as a team to script and shoot the video.


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